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Class education Wikipedia.
In some countries educational systems such as Taiwan s, it can refer to a subdivision of the students in an academic department, consisting of a cohort of students of the same academic level. For example, a department's' sophomores may be divided into three classes.
Class computer programming Wikipedia.
5 36 37 The Common Lisp Object System CLOS provides metaobject protocols MOPs to implement those classes and metaclasses. Non-subclassable classes allow programmers to design classes and hierarchies of classes where at some level in the hierarchy, further derivation is prohibited a stand-alone class may be also designated as non-subclassable, preventing the formation of any hierarchy.
Class Wikipedia.
Classroom, a room where classes are held. Law and government edit. Class, a group of people involved in a class action lawsuit. Classes of United States senators, for describing the schedules of elections for Senate seats. Class locomotive, a single design of a locomotive as assigned by the railroad.

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